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We would like to Welcome! you to iShop®. When I founded iShop® in 2007, it was my dream to show the community and the small and local businesses that some people out there do care! This goal was met with overwhelming support, thereby contributing to the rapid growth of the iShop family with 11 franchises located in almost every city in the State of Ohio. We have also made a commitment to keep our corporate office HERE in OHIO.

For us; 'We support local businesses' is not just a hollow tag line to get your attention!


We would like to introduce iShopNOW®!

iShopNOW® is the FIRST online store dedicated to small and local businesses.

What does that mean to us? We ask everyone:

  • WHY support companies that give you the IMAGE they are local but are actually owned by a company out of states like New York or Florida? This could be the large superstore or even a big newspaper in town. All of these people say they support local businesses but in reality they contribute to putting them out of business. Some examples could be; unfair pricing competition or go as far as advertising for these corporately owned companies to help them increase THEIR business.
  • If you can find it at the same or a competitive price, shouldn’t we support our neighbors, friends and families?!

iShop® brings to you an awesome experience of shopping dozens of your locally owned businesses under one location, iShopNOW®! Browse through everything from Golf to Beauty to Home Improvement! Shop all these stores but only checkout 1 time! Depending on what your purchase, each individual store will then ship your item(s) directly to you…. or you can even pick it up… it’s your choice!

We strive to improve your experience on the Web and thank you for your support of iShop®… where Local Business is OUR Business!

~Marc Albert
Founder and Franchisor

To opt out of receiving emails, telephone solicitations or other forms of contact from iShopSummit.com, send an email to optout@ishopsummit.com with "Opt-Out" in the Subject line. You must include your full name and business mailing and email addresses. If we are able to locate your contact information based on the information you provide us, it will be removed from our databases and mailings lists.

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